About my Supervisory work

Let me start by saying I am not a perfect Supervisor, show me one that is! But what I do offer is an opportunity for you to explore your client work, to support you in your learning, your self-development and your effectiveness, and most importantly – “your needs”.

It is a journey we go on together, where I try to support you without fear of judgment, promoting your clients welfare and ensure you are working ethically and professionally. Regular Supervision is important to maintain a professional and ethical practice.

Expect to cry, laugh, mess-up, learn, increase your self awareness, be curious, and enjoy the discovery.

Supervision Models

I work in an Integrative way and have training and experience in several different models. If you like creativity, then that would be a key element of our supervision process.

I use the “seven eyed process model of supervision” (Hawkins Shohet) which looks closely at what is happening in both the relationship with the clients and what is happening in the supervisory relationship, and considers the interplay of both.

     Eye 1: Focus on the client

     Eye 2: Focus on the intervention

     Eye 3: Focus on the client-supervisee relationship

     Eye 4: Focus on the supervisee

     Eye 5: Focus on the supervisor-supervisee relationship

     Eye 6: Focus on the supervisor's process

     Eye 7: Focus on the wider context

When time is short I like to work with the C.L.E.A.R model

  • Contracting: With the end in mind, agreeing how to get there together.

  • Listening: Facilitating the supervisee in generating personal insight.

  • Exploring: Helping supervisee to understand the impact on them right now.

  • Action: Supporting the supervisee in committing to a way ahead.

  • Review: Taking stock of what has just gone on.

Who I work with

I supervise counsellors at various levels of professional development. For trainee counsellors I provide individual supervision and if required group supervision (max two).

I only work with counselling professionals who are members of a professional body. I adhere to the NCS Code of Ethics and have an appreciation of the ethical codes of other professional counselling bodies.